(Trap Neuter Release) Feral Cat Program

TNR is the most humane and effective way to reduce feral cat populations.

Conservative estimates predict that 1 female & 1 male cat can have 2 - 3 litters per year. Without intervention if 2 - 3 kittens survive from each litter - in 4 years the offspring of these 2 cats can result in 2,107 kittens/cats and in 8 years up to 2,072,514 cats.

The TNR program created by Liz Lynch is responsible for Trapping Neutering & Releasing 2091 Cats since the TNR program was started in February 2016.

Liz would love to offer a TNR training program and recruit more volunteers. If interested, please click on the link below to fill out the volunteer form.

It costs HSBR $1200/month to TNR 34 cats.

"At any given time there are 130 cats on the list to be TNR'd" ~ Liz Lynch

Humane Society of Blue Ridge is the only program in Fannin County that accepts Cats and the only program that offers a TNR program!  Help us Reduce Feral Cat Population!


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