Off Leash Dog Park(s)

We have been busy out at our Dog Parks!

We had a fundraiser that was VERY SUCCESSFUL!!!

(Thank you to All who made this possible!!!)

Meanwhile...  see below for updates on both parks!

turfed dog park people photo.jpg



Existing Park

Brown Dog

WE ARE OPEN 24/7!!!

Our dog park has two separate fenced-in areas. 

One for small dogs and one for large dogs, so all are welcome!

Bring your dogs out for play and exercise in a safe place and meet your fellow pet lovers.


Please be respectful of others and use the appropriate fenced area for your dogs at our Community Dog Park. Small dogs 20 pounds and under should use the fenced area on the left side.  Large dogs over 20 pounds should use the fenced area on the right side of the park. 

Please pick up after your dog.


See below for the park’s location and driving directions.

New Turfed Park

Over the past year, we raised funds to turf our Dog Park.  We already knew that our existing park was in a place that typically flooded.  Once we engaged with the Dog Park Professionals, we learned that addressing the flooding was going to be even more costly than the funds we raised to turf the parks.


So, we decided to move the park across our street to the other side of our property where it isn't as wet.  We also learned from the professionals that our small dog park was too big, and the big dog park was even bigger than needed!

All of that has been adjusted, and we are working towards opening - which will happen soon! We just need to do some grading for the parking among a few final details.

We will be sure to let you know when the new park will be open!

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Dog Bone.jpg