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New & Improved Off-Leash Dog Park is OPEN!

Hours of Operation:

8 AM - 7 PM

(these  hours coincide with our staff at the Adoption Center)

Summer Irrigation Cooling Schedule: Noon and 4 PM daily for 5 minutes


This park is located across the street from the "old" dog park, on our campus

 at 171 Mineral Springs Rd, Blue Ridge, GA 30513

The "old" Small Dog Park side will be open to the public if you want to go outside of the 8 AM - 7 PM hours of the new park.  

Please reserve the old Big Dog side for our adoption center staff to take care of our current residents while we are under construction for the Low-Cost Vet Clinic.  We need to take the shelter animals to this park for exercise.

new park 3.jpg


Thank you to All who donated to make this possible!!!

new park 1.jpg


Dogs entering the Small Dog Park must be 20 pounds or less to use this park.

new park 2.jpg


Dogs entering the Large Dog Park must be 21 pounds or more to use this park.

The "Old" Dog Park

Brown Dog

Our "Old" Small Dog Park will be open to the public to use if you want to come outside the hours of our new Turfed Park.  

We are in the process of adding a low-cost vet clinic on our campus, up at the Adoption Center. 


During this time, we will be using the old  Big Dog Park to walk our residents away from the hustle & bustle, and loud sounds of the construction. So please stick to the small dog side if you aren't using the new Noah's Bark Park.  Thank you!

Dog Park News You Should Know

new park 4.jpg

This project was well researched to bring Fannin County residents and visitors alike, a state-of-the-art dog park to enjoy with your pet.


Several existing parks were visited to make sure we brought the best and latest technology to our site.


We are always grateful to our generous donors who believed in this project, and we thank them for helping make it happen.

Important Facts About Synthetic Pet Turf

new park 5.jpg
  • Pet Turf is being installed routinely in thousands of parks nationwide.

  • Pet Turf is specifically designed for dog parks and engineered to drain.

  • Pet Turf has an applied anti-microbial agent to prevent contamination.

  • Pet Turf will get hot in extreme temperatures, so use caution during extremely hot temperatures.

  • Pet Turf has been professionally installed by the industry leader.

  • Dog Park has an irrigation system that will wash the surface daily.

  • Dog Park irrigation will also be set for mid-day cooling.

Dog Bone.jpg
Dog Bone.jpg

A little history on how we got here...


We already knew that our existing park was in a place that typically flooded, so we started raising funds to turf our Dog Park.  Once we engaged with the Dog Park Professionals, we learned that addressing the drainage issues was going to be even more costly than the funds we raised to turf the parks.


So, we decided to move the park across our street to the other side of our property where the terrain drains properly.  We also learned from the professionals that our small dog park was too big, and the big dog park was even bigger than needed!

We hope you enjoy the newly located and turfed dog park, called Noah's Bark Park!

Bring your dogs out for play and exercise in a safe place and meet your fellow pet lovers.


Please be respectful of others and use the appropriate fenced area for your dogs at our Community Dog Park. Small dogs 20 pounds and under should use the fenced area on the left side.  Large dogs over 21 pounds should use the fenced area on the right side of the park. 

Please pick up after your dog!

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