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Found a cat or dog and don't know what to do?

If you find a lost pet, please secure the animal if possible.  If the animal is found in Fannin County it is the law that Fannin County Animal Control be notified at 706-632-3845.

If you are able to keep the animal until the owner is found you have met your legal obligation by notifying Animal Control.

If you are unable to keep the animal you will need to drop off at Animal Control or have them come and pick them up.

Either way, contact HSBR at 706-632-4357.  If you can take a picture of the animal we can post on our Facebook page to help find the owner.

We will need the following:  Where did you find the pet, male or female, description and a way to contact you or let us know they are at Animal Control.

You can contact all surrounding area organizations and vets offices to see if the animal has been reported missing.

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