Karen Kelly

Adoption Center Manager


My husband, Dennis and I have lived in this area now for over 15 years from the Beach in Florida.  We found Blue Ridge online and wanted to come see the mountains since we have always lived by the ocean.

We live here with our 4 dogs, Sadie, Buddy, Jake and Cooper, and 5 cats, Onyx, Wiley, Piper, Roxy, and Bugs. All of which came from the HSBR except for one cat who came from Florida.


My focus is to make sure the animals are getting the proper care they need while here at the Adoption Center.  Our focus is to make it as stress-free as possible for them.

We give all animals who come to us quality food and vet care, as well as stimulation and training to help with their socialization for their future forever home.

I love interacting with people who are adopting the wonderful animals under our care. I get such great satisfaction in pairing the perfect pet with their forever humans!

My job is a 24/7 – 365 day a week position in order to fill the needs of the animals, and the staff, and all the wonderful volunteers who care for them.

Photo Credit:  The News Observer

Robbie Muschamp

Thrift Store Manager

Robbie was one of the original members of HSBR and has been the manager of the thrift store for many, many years.  She took a small break to help raise her grandchild, but when she was able, she came back and is once again, our manager extraordinaire!  

She works so hard with the volunteers to make the thrift store what it is today, which in turn, helps so many of our furry friends.

Robbie is also in charge of Paws in the Park, which she ran even when she was a full-time caregiver to her grandson.  Paws in the Park flourishes to this day due to the dedication and hard work Robbie puts forth every year.

Robbie is such a gem for HSBR, the Thrift Upscale Thrift Store thrives under her leadership!  We are so glad she returned "home" to us!