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Healthy Pet Clinic

The Humane Society of Blue Ridge Vet Clinic (low cost) was created to provide basic veterinary care to those residents of Fannin County that could otherwise not afford them.   

To utilize the clinic, you must apply and demonstrate financial need by providing proof of current financial aid.  Once you submit your application with proof of aid, you will be notified of approval and can call to set up an appointment.  Each year, you can resubmit proof of financial aid to continue to utilize the clinic.   

We DO NOT provide services to treat any injuries or illnesses. 

To schedule an appointment, your pet must be healthy and free of any current illnesses. 

Step 1 - Qualify to utilize the clinic - CLICK HERE

Step 2 - Once approved, call to make an appointment 706-946-4360

Veterinarian with Dog

Wellness Services

Dog Lover

Prevention Package

Husky Handshake


~ Basic ~

Cat on a table


~ Plus ~


Appointment Cancellations:  We understand that situations arise where you may need to cancel your appointment.  We request that you contact us within 12 hours of your scheduled appointment, which will enable us to schedule another patient on the waiting list. 


Running Late:  If you are running late for your scheduled appointment, please call our office at 706-946-4360 to let us know your expected arrival time.  Clients who have not informed the office will be marked as a “No Show” if they are more than 15 minutes late for their scheduled appointment.

Appointment Deposit:  We require a 50% deposit per pet in order to schedule an appointment.  This deposit will be credited to your account for services provided at your pet’s appointment. 
**If you miss your appointment or are more than 15 minutes late without calling our office, the deposit will be non-refundable, and a new deposit will be required prior to making another appointment.**


Note:  For those that wish to pay with cash, please come by the clinic at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment to make your deposit. 

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