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One year ago, Emma was the first dog to give birth at the Humane Society of Blue Ridge Adoption Center.  All eight puppies  Emma had were adopted to fabulous homes who keep in touch with each other regularly.  Emma’s litter was not only the firstborn at HSBR, but united a group of people in friendship.  Emma and all her children are doing very well in their new homes. 


Emma is a hound mix that lives with Mackenzie, her daughter, and a dog sibling Hazel.  Emma is a very active dog and recently became an “Iron Paws” finisher.  Emma can be seen out hiking and running with her family.


Chunk lives with Jennifer and a bunch of dogs and cat siblings. He loves to help train dogs that Jennifer brings into her home for training. Chunk is learning how to dock dive so you may see him making a splash in the future.


Mister and Rosie live with Pam and Danny and love chasing each other around their yard.  They are very affectionate and love every person they meet.


Emmy and River share a home with Courtney, Andrew, and a dog sibling Lizzy.  They enjoy cuddling and playing together.


Khloee and Maddie live with Sunni and Robert.  They love to bird watch and chase furry critters around their yard.


Frank found his home in Maine, living with Jaimee and David.  He has three dogs siblings.  Frank enjoys cuddling and enjoys playing in the snow.


Emma’s puppies celebrate their first birthday on June 1st. 

Before & After

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emma picture project one  year later (00