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Foster-To-Adopt Program



The Humane Society of Blue Ridge offers a foster-to-adopt opportunity to those that believe they are ready to adopt a dog and have applied and been approved for adoption. 

This program can be utilized when a dog or cat is not yet ready for official adoption (i.e. the animal needs to be spayed or neutered, the animal has not yet completed all inoculations, etc.).This allows the animal you wish to adopt to live with you before the adoption is finalized.


  • The foster-to-adopt period may last from several weeks to a couple of months.

  • Only approved adopters will be offered to enter into this agreement and a deposit of 50% of the adoption fee is required.

  • The Humane Society of Blue Ridge will supply the necessary medical supplies and a week’s worth of food during this period. 

  • The animal will remain the responsibility of the Humane Society of Blue Ridge until the adoption is completed. 

  • You will need to be prepared to transport the animal for its spay/neuter or inoculations that may be scheduled.  The Humane Society of Blue Ridge will be responsible for the cost of these services. 

  • When the dog is ready for official adoption, you may finalize the adoption or you may return the animal to the Humane Society of Blue Ridge for a refund of your adoption deposit. 




  • Your future family pet gets to go home with you now!

  • You get to begin bonding, training, and developing a routine with the animal.

  • You get added support and advice from us in integrating your new pet into your home and family.

  • The animal does not have to wait to experience having a home of his/her own and is able to get accustomed to the new surroundings earlier.



  • You must complete an adoption application and be approved, including a meet and greet and home visit.

  • You must complete a Foster-to-Adopt Agreement.

  • You must pay 50% of the adoption fee as a deposit.

This form will need to be signed in person...  so you can print it from here and bring it with you to the Adoption Center, or we will have copies at the Adoption Center for you to fill out there. 


Why not get a head start?

Foster-To-Adopt Agreement

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