The Humane Society of Blue Ridge's (HSBR)
Cats & Dogs wish you a fabulous & furry Holiday Season! 

With that in mind, they have come up with a great idea... It's shopping made easy for you... no more battling huge crowds, no more frustrated spouses & bored children and NO more long lines for returns.

Donate in honor of someone on your gift list and we will send a Holiday Card notifying them of your donation in their name.
See Card Below

Please, let us help you with your shopping this holiday season and know that you will be helping us care for all of our furry family members.
Donate $25  
we will send 1 Holiday Gift Card - And you will help buy our 'famished' felines food for a month.  Click here to donate $25 now.

Donate $50 
we will mail 2 Holiday Gift Cards - And you will help buy our hungry puppies and dogs a months worth of food.  Click here to donate $50 now.

Donate $75
we will mail 3 Holiday Gift Cards .... mailed out in time for the holidays and you will help pay for shots & vet care for a new cat or dog.  Click here to donate $75 now.

Donate $100
we will send 4 Holiday Gift Cards to 4 people on your shopping list.  You won't have any shopping woes and will know that your gift will help pay to spay, or neuter, one of our dogs or cats.  
Click here to donate $100 now.
Or you can 
this Holiday Season and Make a HUGE Difference for our Furry Family Members!


And Donate $250 to TNR (Trap Neuter Release)

On behalf of the cat lover(s) on your gift list.

Your gift helps us continue our TNR program and reduce the size of the feral cat communities in Fannin County. (823 have been TNR'd so far!)  It costs $1200/month to spay or neuter 60 cats.  

($250 too much? - Please give what you can to help us decrease the number of feral cats!)


And Create a Loving & Lasting Memory

Donate to create a lasting tribute that will be inscribed on a paver or a bench at the HSBR Memorial Park.
Celebrate * Honor * Remember a special person or pet and we will send a note on a holiday gift card.  All Memorial gift donations go to the animals.


And Donate $1000 to The Haven General Fund

For food, medical care and more low-cost spay-neuter programs for the community.
Just think -  we can do all your shopping for you! Just send us your "gift list", and we'll send out your Holiday Cards.
Donate and order Holiday Gift Card HERE
GO BIG HERE... Donate to TNR
GO REALLY BIG HERE... Give a Memorial Gift
GO REALLY REALLY BIG HERE...Donate $1000 to the Haven
Humane Society of Blue Ridge